My new life with Multiple Sclerosis

Just over a year ago I was diagnosed with MS. I’m 52yrs. It has been a horrifying year. I don’t have any kind of support. I mean close by and able to help me. I struggle to shovel snow, move heavy stuff and the reply I receive when found out, “You know your not suppose to do that.” Well I live alone and refuse to live in a pig say. And I know you’re thinking, lives alone so why does she pig sty, I have pets. I’ve asked my daughter to take my Susie Q. She’s my best friend. I will never have another dog as non can compare. Then I have the cats. When my kids get settled they will take 2. That will leave me with my 2 new  rescues.

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  1. I was just recently diagnosed…I searched out an neurologist with MS experience in Atlanta and found the best ever! But I started my search because this past year I went down hill fast and wanted to know why. I have other issues (failed back surgery, chronic pain, chronic migraines, fibro, degenerative disc in back and neck, raynaulds, hashimoto’s…I can keep going…lol) I had a local neurologist write it BIG FAT LETTERS on my chart NO MS!!!!! yes with 5 exclamation points! but after I went down hill this past year I knew something was wrong…and like you I was a single parent for a long time and came from a family that instilled in you that you worked unless you are bleeding to death or dead…so looking back I know I’ve had this for a long time…I just pushed thru and ignored it until my body finally said YOU CAN’T IGNORE THIS I’M NOT WORKING FOR YOU ANY LONGER and quite on me 😦
    so I feel your pain and I totally understand where yo are coming from! Don’t give up…I say that to you because I was recently in the same mind set and my doc said it’s normal to feel this way (crying fits and all) because of the MS. Please acknowledge it, do it and then let it pass…there are people that would be very sad if you were not here. ((hugs))

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    1. I have the same diseases also, but after 3 big ones, my mind just shut down. I saw no point in counting. They’re all slowly killing me anyway. I also found a new neurologist. I love her. I’m happy you found a great one too. I’m still fighting to stay here everyday. It is a HUGE struggle for me. I don’t want to go back on my word, but it’s 1 thing to cry and make promises to see me and help me and then don’t follow through. But I’m supposed to keep mine. Still alone and struggling to do the upkeep. Lifting and moving furniture, digging holes to plant. The list goes on and on. Thank you for reading my post and caring.

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  2. Hi 🙂
    I’m sorry to hear of your ms. I’ve chronic pain but from something else – nerve and soft tissue damage from physical trauma, 8 years ago. I’m an animal lover with my small dogs and tortoise. If you ever want to chat, I’m here most days.
    HUGS!! xo

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